Wine-bars in Vilnius

There are plenty of wine-bars and wine-restaurants, where you can not only buy the best wine from the different world countries, but also enjoy the interesting environment relishing the wine.
         The choice of wine-bars is wide, suitable for different tastes of visitors. There are several places in Vilnius which are already popular among people and where everyone can have a wonderful evening with a glass of wine.

La Boheme. This wine-restaurant is located in Sv. Ignoto Street. Although it has opened just a year ago, however, the popularity of the restaurant is constantly growing. The wine-restaurant, which is near the decrepit abbey, savours of its history, traditions and antiquity.
„La Boheme“ is located in the building where formerly was Jesuitical Church. The interior distinguishes by its high vaulted ceiling, light moisture colour, and aromatic cellar atmosphere. That was the goal of the restaurant owners. They wanted to create a non-traditional environment, which would distinguish by the antiquity experience.  
There are more than 150 kinds of wine in the wine-restaurant. You can also enjoy the meal there. The restaurant is well-liked among young and old people and on the weekends there usually are a lot of people. However, the “La Boheme” owners don’t prepare thrashes because there dominates light musical background, usually jazz. Owners of the restaurant like when music doesn’t disturb guests and allows communicate and enjoy a meal and wine. The “La Boheme” slogan is “Wine + talk”.

In Vino. The name says everything. This wine-restaurant distinguishes by the choice of extra wine and cosy atmosphere for those who like to spend evening quietly. 
The “In Vino” is in the heart of Vilnius Old Town, in Ausros Vartu Street. It is the oldest wine-restaurant, which distinguishes by its authenticity in the whole capital of Lithuania. It has opened 4 years ago. The wine-restaurant attracts visitors with its bohemian romance and excellent wine. The wine is divided into three different categories according to the price. The price (39 Lt, 59 Lt, and 89 Lt) reflects the quality of wine. The wine-restaurant gives a day offer. There are written the names of two white, two red and two rosy wines on the blackboard. Those wines prices are lower all the evening. 
However, the wine-restaurant “In Vino” is popular not only by its wine. Guests of the restaurant commend tasty Tapas sandwiches. Some of guests state that these sandwiches are even better than in Italy! Sometimes the food and wine “In Vino” go together and it is possible to forget that you have already drunk several glasses of wine.

Vyno namai (Wine House). That is one more place for winebibbers in Vilnius. “Vyno namai” is located in Tilto Street. It attracts by its elegance and warm Provence atmosphere. It is a place where you can spend your evening and also it is a place for those who desire to know different wines. 
As the “Vyno namai” is quite a small wine-restaurant, there you can feel like at home. Small, private places snug and make the stay in this place a nice experience. There you can buy wine from many different places – West Europe, Argentina, South Africa Republic, Chile, the USA, Hungary and other countries. You don’t have to sit in restaurant because you can just buy tasty wine and relish it at home. If there is a wish, then the “Vyno namai” arranges tastings and wine lessons for those, who are beginners in the wine world. 
Those, who like hot drinks, the “Vyno namai” offers to taste the seasoned tea from brandy house, called “Hardy”. The “Hardy” victuals its produce to the “Vyno namai”. It is also possible to have a glass of hot wine, which will warm you cold winter evenings.
The “Vyno namai” has loyalty program, so, if you come here often, then you get wine produce at a 15 percent discount. It is useful for those who really are wine gourmands and relish this drink quiet often.

Saint Germain. One of the first wine-restaurants in the whole Vilnius is “Saint Germain”. The restaurant is in Literatu Street and distinguishes by its interior. Walls are decorated with artworks; classical furniture and white colour dominate here. The framed promise of visitor from Finland to come back here together with his wife is quite funny interior detail. 
The “Saint Germain” was established by owners of the restaurant, who travelled over the France. They were in admiration of this country. So that is the reason why French tone dominates in this wine-restaurant. Despite this, the choice of wine is really impressive. The “Saint Germain” has the rare and rich wine in its cellars. 
It is worth to relish a rich wine in this wine-restaurant, because this wine is cheaper than in other places. On the other hand, “Saint Germain” is considered the most luxurious wine-restaurant in the whole Vilnius, so visitors open their purses there. However, every cent spent in this unique place won’t be misspent. The restaurant has many objects and successfully pursues them.