Weekend review: in the dance rhythm

Night Vilnius guide hopes that this week you don’t get tired and are ready to spree in clubs till the morning. We already hear your loud “yes” and hasten to tell what, where, and when will be arranged at the weekend and how it will empty your pockets.


The subproject TWNKL of the group “Inculto” recently recorded and introduced the album. TWNKL doesn’t sleep now also and invites one of the most famous DJs in Lithuania – Ignas, who groups the full clubs playing oneself, to the concert in the club “Gravity” on the 5th of February. How will match these expressive performers’ thoughts we can only speculate, but the best is to come and hear everything by yourself. “Happyendless” DJs Benua and Andrius Alien will maintain Jurgis Didziulis and musicians project with Ignas in the “Gravity”. Such set means only one – guaranteed dance rhythm and mood on Friday night.

Where? At the club “Gravity”;

When? On Friday, at 10 p. m. ;

How much does it cost? 20-30 litas. Entrance discount is applicable for club members or for those who have “Laisvalaikio” or ISIC cards or GPEG.


On Friday “Deep Minds University” House Session will be arranged in the club “Artistai”. F-CANE, RENNIR and EDUARDO hover in the solid, unaffected by modern commercial music space. You will not hear that over the radio!

Where? At the music Club “Artistai”;

When? On Friday, at 10 p. m. ;

How much does it cost? FREE.



Old, good, and unforgettable music will sound in the music club “Brodvejus” on Saturday. Both older and younger people understand this music today. The best hits of 70-80-th, which are LIVE performed by seven talented, young and promising musicians. There will be snappy performance, melodies, which start everyone, and groovy rhythms. Three fascinating vocalists, who have exceptional voice and appearance, will attract everyone. We promise! By the way, the disco with DJ Algis is waiting for you after the concert!

Where? At the good music club “Brodvejus”;

When? On Saturday, at 8 p. m. ;

How much does it cost? 10-15 litas, from 10.30 p.m. up to 12 p.m. – 10 LTL; discounts with the LSP, “Laisvalaikio”, “Club” card or flyer.



“Cats Will Swing for You” is lindyhopers’ party name. That is known by every lindyhoper in Vilnius! It is time to prepare the suit and iron dress, since the live swing together with two LIVE groups are waiting for you in the club “Tamsta” on Saturday. You just have to be here!

Where? At the Live Music Club “Tamsta”;

When? On Saturday, at 10 p. m. ;

How much does it cost? 20 litas, with card – 15 litas.



On Sunday offers to include in the agenda a documentary film “The U.S. vs. John Lennon.” This is a film about “The Beatles” leader John Lennon, who was rallying anti-war activist.  Directors of this film chose that musician’s live period, which was poorly analyzed. At the group sunset, Lennon the popularity of “The Beatles” began to use declaring peace in the world. The film gives evidence that the then U.S. President Richard Nixon tried to silence the musician for his criticism of the war in Vietnam. The film also analyzes Lennon and Yoko Ono relations and her impact on the musician’s world – view. Film does not idealize “the Beatles” leader, but reveals that the openly expressed political beliefs were a personal desire to make the world better, using the glory.

Where? At the Cinema “Pasaka”;

When? On Sunday, at 8 p. m. ;

How much does it cost? 12 litas.