Three-dimensional video projections in Vilnius. The first pancake

Despite the rainy weather on Saturday evening, several thousand people gathered in the Town Hall Square. Lovers, students, pensioners, young families with children, armed with umbrellas, all have been waiting for something unseen and unbelievable. There was shown the special three-dimensional video projection adapted for the Town Hall building, and the audience during breaks could play interactive games directly on the facade of the building. The event was free. It was a gift from organizers for Vilnius residents and guests.

         A number of people soon were disappointed

The projection started at 7p.m. and it was shown five times, as it was promised. Unknown lucky people could play interactive games during breaks, sliding advertised phones on the Town Hall columns and playing “tennis”. Who knows how many people screwed themselves to watch that all five times, as some people after two identical shows, which lasted approximately 4 minutes, have apparently bored. Others still were waiting for something, hoping that the introduction would end and the real show would begin. Those people had the biggest disappointment, as they had a lot of expectations and the result was disappointing. Moreover, the obvious thrust of mobile phone advertisement poked eyes for many people. Well, as it is said, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.

         Analogues abroad

Video projections on buildings can be terribly beautiful thing, removing the boundary between reality and fantasy, but there are several required prerequisites: the efforts, careful work and preparation. That is an  excellent video revealing the potential of projections.

That building has been "rebuilt" in France. It seems really impressive. It sounds crazily – to provide the motion, a new form and colour for the architectural monument, especially, when you have seen all that with your own eyes.

And that is Lithuanian equivalent:

Residents of Vilnius have seen such view in the evening on the 7th of November. What we ran out of City Hall to make it look just as gracefully as a French model? What have we missed that the audience would leave the town square in admiration of seen views, because the construction of classical building was almost identical? It is a pity that someone hasn’t made every effort, because Vilnius deserves the highest quality show, at least in the 2009’s, as Vilnius is called the European Capital of Culture.

         The good news is that such events are arranged

On the other hand, we should be glad that we have enthusiasts of their fields, who have made efforts for the show. After all, before “a three-dimensional projections on the buildings” sounded for the residents of Vilnius just as incomprehensible as “mustard flavour ice cream.” Therefore, it is funny that go-ahead people are looking for new artistic expressions, especially, which are accessible to a wide audience. Perhaps, the organizers of the event – the project director Dane Allan van O.T. Andersen, electronic music composer Simon Slizys, and interactive games developer Bart Polonskis, and three-dimensional animation specialist Simas Chomentauskas will pamper residents and guests of Vilnius with the high-quality three-dimensional projection of buildings in the future. We can only guess whether this will be the Cathedral, Gediminas Castle, or, Presidential? We shall see… It is likely that we will have it in the near future.

Arturas Mediuska