Theatres in Vilnius

Vilnius has to leave a good impression for the lovers of the theatre. The choice of performances is wide and satisfies all requirements of any art lover in Vilnius. We introduce you some of the favorite theatres in Vilnius.

Oscar Korsunovas/ The Theatre of Vilnius City. Oscar Korsunovas is the companion of French art and literature, the winner of St. Christopher and Gold Cross of the stage, the owner of the main prize in BITEF festival in Belgrade. These are only several awards that the best-known Lithuanian artistic director Oscar Korsunovas can be proud of.
The director was one of the main founders of the independent Oscar Korsunovas Theatre in 1999. He organized the team, which has not any commitments. That allows working without restrain and sometimes even with a shock. In the Oscar Korsunovas Theatre you can see traditional, classical performances and also totally modern dramaturgic works. One of the main credos of this theatre is “To build classics as a modern dramaturgy and the modern dramaturgy as the classics.”
Master and Margaret, Hamlet, Shopping and f***ing, The Face of Fire and many other performances are constantly in the repertoire of the theatre. It is difficult to name all his performances. The director shows these performances not only in Vilnius but also in France, Germany, Scandinavia, South and North America, Asia. The theatre of Korsunovas has entered in the famous Avignon festival four times.
Probably it is enough to understand that this theatre should be entered in a “must be visited subjects in Vilnius” list. O. Korsunovas can fascinate, provoke or even shock. However, he doesn’t leave apathetic people.
         The address of the theatre is: Asmenos st. 8, Vilnius. The internet page: . The tickets to the performances of the Oscar Korsunovas Theatre are sold in all box-offices of “Tiketa”.

The National Mazasis Teatras (Little Theatre) in Vilnius. English press have called this theatre as “one of the best in the world”. Actually, it has become famous not in Lithuania but in foreign countries. The director and the moving spirit is Rimas Tuminas. His team has visited many countries from Mexico to South Korea with such performances as Madagascar, Waiting for Godot, Three sisters, etc. Over time Mazasis Teatras (Little Theatre) has become favourite theatre in Vilnius.
Currently this Theatre is located in the heart of the city – Gediminas Avenue. It is possible to understand the reason why troupe is called Mazasis Teatras (Little Theatre) just after getting in the hall. The cosy chamber atmosphere and a few box-seats allow feeling close and direct actor of the performance.
It is hardly fortuity. The agents of Mazasis Teatras (Little Theatre) maintain that the main mission is “to get in touch with everyone who comes to the performances of this theatre; and to speak clearly that everyone could understand and at the same time to speak summit artistic speech”. Students, businessmen, artists and other people are always welcomed there. The visit in the Mazasis Teatras (Little Theatre) always impresses and allows feeling and touching to the spirit of Vilnius city.
Mazasis Teatras (Little Teatre) was awarded with the St. Christopher statuette of Merit for Vilnius city. It is honorable award which was well-deserved by pupils of Rimas Tuminas. The director himself is the National Premium Laureate of Russian Federation for the contributions to the literature and art. He was also awarded with a Gunner Cross of the Great Lithuanian Duke Gediminas for the contribution to the national culture.
         The address of the theatre is: Gedimino av.22, Vilnius. The internet page: . The tickets to the performances of the Mazasis Teatras (Little Theatre) are sold in all box-offices of “” and at the theatre.

Lithuanian National Drama Theatre. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre is a contrast to Mazasis Teatras (Little Theatre). It is a perfect classic of the stage with a huge and spacious house, high ceiling, and traditional environment. This theatre is an oasis for the lovers of the old style theatre.
Lithuanian National Drama theatre is the oldest in Vilnius. It will be the 70th season this autumn. It’s hardly surprising that the atmosphere in the theatre is shot through with an experience that has been stored during the long period. Three theatre Muses, which are over the entrance to the theatre, always help to emote the performance, and the wide spaces in the Theatre purport about the tradition and respect for the art.
         Despite the fact that this theatre is mature, one of the tasks is to give the freedom for both experienced and novice directors. Usually the new stars of Lithuanian Theatre show up and begin their career there. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre often becomes the showcase for the Lithuanian actors and directors.
         So, it is worth to visit traditional (Zaldokyne, The property of Stepancikovas, Faustas) and modern (Days and Songs, Disappear and When will be White) performances. The theatre is universal. The lovers of drama, tragedy, comedy can find their favorite performance there. The mix of tradition and youth provides the originality and oneness for the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.
The address of the theatre is: Gedimino av. 4, Vilnius. The internet page: The tickets to the performances of the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre are sold in all box-offices of the theatre.